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The Teacher Says

The Teacher Says In Matthew’s Gospel, it is almost always the case that those who don’t know Jesus as Lord refer to Him as Teacher (cf. 12:38; 17:24; 19:16, et. al.). The disciples, in Matthew, never call Jesus this. This of course does not mean that Jesus was not a teacher. He was. But Matthew […]

Surely Not I

Surely Not I Each of the disciples, on the night of the Passover, was certain that they would not betray Jesus (Matt. 26:22). Yet one of them would. And each of them was certain that they would not abandon Jesus in his moment of need. Yet all of them would. As Jesus was arrested, we […]

What Kind of Questions Do We Ask?

What Kind of Questions Do We Ask? Our questions can be revealing. There is an interesting contrast between the question posed by Judas to the chief priests (Matt. 26:15) and the question the other disciples directed to Jesus. Judas had asked “what will you give me to betray Him to you?” Whereas the other disciples […]

You Will Always Have the Poor

You always have the poor with you. This statement by Jesus in Matthew 26:11 is fundamentally about valuing the presence of Jesus. It is not an excuse, though some have tried to use it this way, to neglect the poor. Rather Jesus is commending a woman who recognizing His own immanent death and burial (if […]

Book Recommendation: When Helping Hurts

Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert, When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty Without Hurting the Poor…and Yourself (Chicago: Moody, 2009), 230 pp. This book is an excellent resource on how to best serve the poor in missions. Fikkert and Corbett provide a good basic introduction to the biblical concept of the kingdom of God and how […]

Hope in Botswana

I love getting to brag on the people I work with. Recently AG Care had the privilege of sending a team to Botswana to help our AGWM missionaries there address a long-standing need. This trip came about after missionaries Bob and Barb Van Wyk responded to a request from the pastor of an AG church located in the […]