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Current Needs

  • Salt and Light Conferences – these conferences are the centerpiece of what we do. They enable us to interact with large numbers of church and denominational leaders and provide them with resources to help their church in compassionate outreach. Funding helps us secure a location and provide scholarships for travel and other expenses. This initiative will be launched in early 2016.
  • Curriculum Development Assistance – we are in the process of developing resources for local churches that can be printed in Africa and distributed to pastors and leaders. These resources help pastors lead their churches in compassionate ministry. This curriculum serves as a church-based tool for engaging every church member in compassionate action. By giving to this work, you help us get these resources into the hands of African leaders and pastors.
  • Empowered Women Initiative –Leymah Gbowee, who helped lead reform in Liberia, and who won the Nobel Peace Prize for her efforts, once said, “When it comes to preventing conflict or building peace, there’s a way in which women are the experts…we know our communities. We know our history. We know the people. We know how to talk to an ex-combatant and get his cooperation, because we know where he comes from. To outsiders like the UN, these soldiers were a problem to be managed. But they were our children.” We agree. We think women are especially crucial to addressing poverty and other social needs in Africa. This initiative is aimed at empowering the women in the community to be agents of change. We will also be launching this initiative in 2016!
  • Local Church Resourcing – The task of equipping local churches to develop comprehensive approaches to compassionate ministry is one of our primary goals. Doing this though often involves expensive travel. Your assistance helps make possible the production and dissemination of training materials, and travel expenses so we can directly assist churches in this task.

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