I love getting to brag on the people I work with.

Recently AG Care had the privilege of sending a team to Botswana to help our AGWM missionaries there address a long-standing need. This trip came about after missionaries Bob and Barb Van Wyk responded to a request from the pastor of an AG church located in the Dukwi refugee camp.

From left to right: Bob and Barb Van Wyk, Pastor Patrice, Christine Little, and Suzanne Hurst.

From left to right: The assessment team: Bob and Barb Van Wyk, Pastor Makoni, Christine Little, and Suzanne Hurst.


The Dukwi Refugee Camp lies just north of Francistown and has been in existance for about 30 years. It is home to roughly 3000 people from DRC, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Somalia, and Angola. There is an AG church in this camp, and it was the pastor of this church, Patrice, who first contacted AG missionaries in Botswana. The crucial issue for everyone involved, as Suzanne Hurst put it, was to help this local church find “God’s story” for them. Why are they where they are, and what does God want to do through them?


Refugee church leaders and their church.

AG Care was able to respond to this request by having two missionaries, Suzanne Hurst and Christine Little on the ground within two weeks of receiving the request. Suzanne and Christine were able to bring to the situation expertise in community development, so that a response could be put in place that was driven by local people and local resources. This is what AG Care is all about!

Bob Van Wyk reflecting on visit by the AG Care team had this to say: “Their insight and expertise are invaluable to us in evaluating and proposing action steps to work strategically in establishing a partnership with the national church and the people at the camp.”

We would like to reiterate that this effort was successful because the Van Wyks did all the right things. First, they sought input and guidance from their Area Director. Second, their Area Director contacted AG Care, asking for guidance on how the team could respond in a way that fit within the strategic plan of the Botswana field. Third, the Van Wyks displayed great humility by welcoming outside input and guidance. As a result, the trip was extremely successful, as a healthy course has been set for this AG Church to more effectively minister to the needs of its community.

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