The Called to Care Series is an initiative of the Strategies for Hope Trust. This is a series of 10 books which are geared to be a tool kit of practical, action-oriented booklets and mini-manuals on issues related to HIV/AIDS.  They are designed for use by church leaders, especially in sub-Saharan Africa.  The purpose of the material is to enable pastors, priests, religious sisters and brothers, lay church leaders and their congregations and communities to:

  1. Reflect on and understand the spiritual, theological ethical, health, social and practical implications of the HIV epidemic and the Christian call to respond with compassion.
  2. Overcome the stigma, silence, discrimination, denial, fear and inertia that inhibit church and community action to address HIV/AIDS-related issues more effectively.
  3. Guide their congregations and communities through a process of learning and change, leading to practical church-based actions to help individuals, families and communities reduce the spread of HIV and mitigate the impact of the HIV epidemic.

There are 10 titles in the series and they are as follows:

  1. Positive Voices: Religious leaders living with or personally affected by HIV/AIDS
  2. Making It Happen: A Guide to help your congregation do HIV/AIDS work
  3. Time to Talk: A guide to family life in the age of AIDS
  4. Pastoral Action on HIV/AIDS
  5. Community Action on HIV and AIDS
  6. The Child Within: Connecting with children who have experienced grief and loss
  7. Call to Me: How the Bible speaks in the age of AIDS
  8. My Life Starting Now: Knowledge and skills for young adolescents
  9. More and Better Food: Farming, climate change, health and the AIDS epidemic

In South Africa – these are available through the Christian Literature Fund, Private Bag X19, Wellington 7654.  Phone is 021 873 6964, Fax is 021 864 3678.  You can also visit their website (in English or Afrikaans) or e-mail them at  These books are listed individually (not as a set) under the Products section (books).  Cost is presently R45 per book (approximately $5).  Banking details are also available on this website.

For those in other countries – visit the Strategies for Hope website.